Sounds of Sight

by Lena Farrmo

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Welcome to the new EP! This is a documentation & expression of the last couple months or so.

By buying this or my previous album with whatever contribution you choose, HALF OF THE PROCEEDS will go to Colorado Springs Food Rescue!! This wonderful organization has a huge local impact on the growing issues of homelessness and sustainability.


released February 3, 2017

thanks to the Slush Man (henry as always) for recording, mixing, mastering, as well as:

lead guitar & cymbal on 1
drums & bass on 2

cover creds: the lovely Kat Gentry



all rights reserved


Lena Farrmo Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Track Name: Guns, Gifts, and Gold
A sign on the side of the road reads
hope never disappoints
But I know that those who walk
these streets think otherwise

old country stores that survive the language
guns gifts and gold
serve as reminders to those
who silently shame them

pictures of words from all around
print the image of what’s to come
but these words don’t bleed from our own hands
so we put them behind the crown

driving by does go fast and
question marks will leave you
at a pit stop that was covered
with dust from thousands of engines

I looked at something green for so long
suddenly it’s red
try to pinpoint all the colors
why they’re filled with dread

fire in a forest
now the plants are filled with blood
the rainbow likes to mess with me
is it something I’ve done

you can still hear the highway
when it’s lost of sight
what was there before is equal mystery
of what’s there next

just because my words
don’t take up much space
doesn’t mean there’s
more room for yours


your ears will turn the wrong way
when you tolerate the story
open the monster
look it straight in the eye

study the wounds the age the rage
heartbreak brittle bones
that’s how they came to shield themselves
with empty space

a cold embrace on the surface
but inside you will lose it all
turn back to the old days they say
or move to outer space

a sign on the side of the road reads
how the present views the past
but to hear the sounds
watch the world
is to know why
it’s crumbling
oh so
Track Name: Moving Day
flowers press my hands
down in the dirt
I wish I didn’t have to take them out

because they might be dead
I think instead I’m gonna let them sit
so they can spread the seeds of some generosity

breakfast is the best
you always know what you’re gonna get
a day of uncertainty comes with responsibility

the music is good to hear
the floor is fun to watch
the beer is good to drink
but I wish I brought my cat and dog

*where is the address of the avenue I live on
and why can’t I find it*

household exploration
who needs a neighborhood anyway

slight decomposition
of a face I used to know
days are growing faster with some soil in my eyes

life tastes like cinnamon
but only on the weekends
sagebrush smells wildfire in the kitchen

sometimes I like my hair to grow
and sometimes I like it short
but how I walk around is not your business of any sort

there’s nothing left to steal
space only to pass by
when the roots are in your head
and your feet pressed to the sky


a man comes to the party
water flowing out his ears
sailing back from a nonsense dream

making up some symbols
so they don’t make any sense
I wish he would stop talking cause he’s got a big head

next to the house there is a park with a big hill
pretty friendly neighbors
who caress the humdrum spell

the music is good to hear
the floor is fun to watch
the beer is good to drink
but I wish I brought my cat and dog

Track Name: The Rain Tree
it sounds like it should be raining
nobody is walking outside
the few that are out are on their way home
or running out of places to find one

I easily forget
it does not always rain when people are depressed here
we have to figure that out
on our own

through the glass I know the dew is there
but not collecting on my face
let’s get you inside because under the golden rain tree
is no place for a winter home

the current sad is always the most sad
that’s its beauty
now you can be at peace when you’re asleep

**Sunday nights
hold inside
a tenderness to sit still
business is empty
and so am I**

the storm is running out
of patience for the drought
the colors are falling down so maybe
we will all stop hanging around

the eyes are in the trees
looking farther than we can see
elemental feelings
run free